How to talk and how to listen

Umm, after watching a TED speech, about how to become a better conversationalist?. I think, I should write some points. The title is How to talk and how to listen. This suggestions is not recommended. Look the person in the eye,think of interesting topics to discuss in advance; Look, nod and smile to show that you’re paying attention; Repeat back what you just heard or summarize it; Forget all of that, it is crap.

脚印 ‧ 三

我想,这篇存在是源于某人的。 失去所重视的东西时是什么感受?–这在谁心里都会有失落感吧。柳暗花明又是怎样的心情? 即使曾抱着一块璞玉

脚印 ‧ 二(清明)

by Masker 又至清明。 盼星星盼月亮,等到清明,终能开扇窗来通通气。似乎有一种循环:每隔一段时间便会感到无比疲惫,不想做啥,也觉得在世没啥意义。呵! 算

脚印 ‧ 一

疲惫,无法言语的疲惫。 这周实现了一个代理池。在周六晚即将完成的时候,没有成功的喜悦,只有无比的空虚和疲惫…… 此时,我期冀一种轻松愉悦的生活: